The Dragon Fly Farm was absorbed by the local Community Credit Union when it was found that Thad Horner had committed fraud by taking out a variety of liens against the property without disclosure to either his land partner or to the financial institutions involved. The Dragon Fly Farm is the contention of a real estate fraud case and no longer in operation.

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It came to past of the burning desire to live sustainably with the Earth and turn a Southern Humboldt mountain homestead into a commercial organic sustainable farm to pass on to the children - moved into manifestation.

Welcome to the Dragon Fly Farm where MaidenHumboldt farm fresh organic products are grown and packaged.

Plowing the first ½ acre with the biggest smile you’ll ever see!

The Dragon Fly Farm is located some miles between Harris and Garberville inside the heart of the farming belt often referred to as the Emerald Triangle - Southern Humboldt County Northern California. It is internationally known as the Cannabis Capitol of the world. Cannabis is not grown on the Dragon Fly Farm. Nor do any MaidenHumboldt products contain Cannabis. The MaidenHumboldt brand logo is designed to acknowledge local product location and consumer confidence with a smile.

The Dragon Fly Farm is currently in process towards Federal/State Organic Certification through the CCOF an organic farmers union here in California. As there are many aspects towards the certification in terms of crops, poultry and livestock it is going to take a bit more than a wee time to achieve the final stamp(s) of approval; all the while we absolutely adhere to CCOF organic standards.

Ponds and water tanks are being surveyed and built.

Many building sites are being prepared for the Mill House and Commercial Kitchen to mill Blue Corn Meal/Grits and mixed cracked grains as feed for me delightful egg laying fowl as well as for flour. New coops are being built and filled with a variety of egg layers; Chickens, Guinea’s, Turkey’s and Geese; during the day they free range the farm. Happy girls lay happy eggs!

Old buildings/barns/sheds are being torn down and new ones built in their place as local permits are approved. The plans for a new barn half scale of the Tooby Barn (shown below); located at Southern Humboldt Community Park is to be built spring 2013.

Each product project requires a variety of permits from the local county/state and federal governments with annual inspections by the governing bodies on each project. At some point I would like to open the Dragon Fly Farm to Agri Tourism but there is too much to do right now just being farmers.

It's exciting to be a part of this journey toward sustainability. Readers can follow this endeavor with regularly updated disclosures on cost expenditures on each project along with a running diary of the victories and defeats of Project Sustainability. Your purchase of MaidenHumboldt brand products at your favorite market and/or grocery gives a lift to Community Supported Organic Agriculture and keeps local farms alive at the same time!

Product Pricing
Local retail and wholesale pricing for products grown on the Dragon Fly Farm are the same as products on the store shelf that have to be shipped in if not lower. It is the goal to be sustainable AND competitive in our local subsidized corporate market.

When you see the MaidenHumboldt name brand, YOU ALREADY KNOW it’s GOT TO BE GOOD!
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