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MaidenHumboldt CSA provides organic farm fresh products to Southern Humboldt County California.  For timely updates visit MaidenHumboldt CSA on Facebook.  Please tell everyone about us who is interested in organic farm produce.

Much of the produce grown is processed at a local commercial kitchen.  All kitchen contract workers require a “California Food Handlers Certificate”.  We can our produce in glass jars of ½ pint, pint and quart jars.  Canned produce is sold by the case only.  A case is 12 jars.  Pricing includes cost of jars and is determined at time of processing.

2015 looks to be an exciting year with 5 acres in motion for Quinoa and other summer crops that are sustainable in drought conditions.   Quinoa is sold in bulk only.  25Lbs at wholesale cost - cheaper than any local store!  Get on the list now to secure your part of the harvest!

Already a substantial crop of 5 varieties of Garlic have been set since before Thanksgiving 2014 to include Italian Late, Inchelium Red, Elephant, Susanville and Duganski.  In mid summer after harvest plus curing time the roasting will begin along with the canning.  Garlic will be available in half pint jars (12) by the case or fresh from the field!

Besides the Quinoa and Garlic we have Sweet Beets, Turnips, Parsnips, Devil's Claw, Chiltapins, Green Chile, Peppers, Carrots, Tomatoes, Potatoes. Blackberries, Collard and Mustard Greens plus many more varieties of produce both fresh from the field and processed.

CSA members can expect produce deliveries at the Garberville Post Office parking area on Monday mornings and at the Redway Post Office parking area on Friday mornings.

This is our 2015 certified organic field.  Photo taken mid December 2014 with excitement building for spring planting along with the expectation of a fall harvest!

When you see the MaidenHumboldt CSA name brand, YOU ALREADY KNOW it’s GOT TO BE GOOD!
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